Partner With Technology And Enjoy More Of Your Intimate Relationships

Do you want to improve your orgasms? Do you need more pleasure in your day today? We present the latest in sex toys to enjoy as a couple, and we give you some innovative idea.

The routine, the obligations, the accumulated stress and the lack of communication with your partner can come to suppose a problem in your intimate and personal life.

To remedy this, take advantage of the fact that technology has reached our lives and has also broken into the sexual plane. We discover you wearables (technological toys) that can help you improve your quality of sexual experience.

1. Crescendo, the wearable that adapts to you

It is not any vibrator; Crescendo adapts to your body. Its creators were aware that the same form did not offer the same pleasure to everyone, so this can be according to what you need at any time. With six efficient engines, 12 vibration modes and 16 types of power, this sex toy can vibrate individually or collectively, so you can use it with your partner. Crescendo is submersible, and with a single charge you will have up to two hours of pleasure. Also, you can download the MysteryApp app – available for iOS and Android – with which it is possible to establish new vibrations or download other existing ones.

2. With Transformer, double fun

This sex toy is a vibrating bunny with two vibrating tips. It is ideal to use anywhere thanks to its discretion and the way to use it is endless: clitoris massager, vibrator, ring for the penis or G- spot stimulator. It is always more fun to use it as a couple and let your imagination fly.

3. Train and enjoy thanks to Elvie

With Elvie, perform the Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and thus prevent urine loss, it will be an enjoyable game. It is designed specifically for women and facilitates activating and exercising the right muscles. It is linked to the smartphone via Bluetooth, is water resistant and recharges in its case. Training with Elvie through the app will allow you to track evolution. The information is known in real time, and while it is being used, you can observe it on the phone screen. Enjoying and training a few minutes a day can improve your quality of life.

4. The size does matter

Let’s talk about Siri 2 -not Apple’s virtual assistant-, a small massager that will make you have orgasms to the rhythm of your favourite music or, if you use it as a couple, the intensity will be guided by the voice of your partner, incredible, no? The vibrations are governed by the ambient sound and, despite its size, it is very powerful. It has several different ways for you to decide your speed. It is very discreet, ideal to keep and take with you.

5. A tuppersex as a couple, why not?

Are you one of those who have not used sex toys? Gadgets or wearables can help you and your partner achieve orgasms in a different and fun way. One option to know how they are used, what types there are and which ones are better for your needs is to hold a private and couples meeting: a tuppersex with specialists. Touching all kinds of sex toys, smelling or even tasting erotic products with your partner can strengthen the relationship and help you to know yourself even more.

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