Sexual Recommendations In The Postpartum

Take note of these tips and the physical and psychological effects that often causes the arrival of the baby will not be an obstacle to recover the sexual life of the couple.

After giving birth, there is a period around the quarantine in which sexual relations are not recommended. This refers exclusively to penetration, and you can have erotic relationships without intercourse.

But the first days with the baby at home are crazy, and rarely a woman will want intimacy with her partner in that period. He faces months with lack of sleep, and the demands of attention of the new creature do not foster an environment of eroticism and passion precisely.

After childbirth, sexual relations will be influenced by physical factors, directly related to childbirth, and psychological, which have to do with the changes generated by this new stage.

On a physical level

Breastfeeding affects sensitivity in the vagina, as vasocongestion of the vaginal walls slows down and causes them to irritate easily. It decreases vaginal lubrication, and this makes coital relationships more uncomfortable. To these annoying sensations are added possible pain points if there was an episiotomy. If the pelvic musculature has been damaged during labour, the vaginal sensitivity decreases and the orgasms may be more difficult to obtain and weaker.

On a psychological level

Relationships can also be affected. The arrival of the new persona sometimes supposes to discover that your couple does not have the same idea at the time of the upbringing, and the woman can feel that she is alone or that she takes all the responsibility of the care of the baby. It is possible that the woman suffers a postpartum depression which will cause her not to be very sexually disposed of.

Also, during pregnancy, they have not had sexual relations or have been very sporadic, the couple relationships may be resentful, and the woman will feel some pressure to resume them.

How to recover the sexual life after childbirth?

  • The exercises strengthen the pelvic muscles are essential, not only to prevent incontinence that may have been present even before birth but to improve the welfare of women and facilitate sex, enhancing the pleasure that can be found in them.
  • Do not leave the couple aside, look for moments in which to be alone. We must continue caring for the relationship a little each day, without abandoning those moments of intimacy due to the arrival of the baby.
  • It is not necessary to initiate coital relationships hastily. It is possible that you want more other types of relationships, more global, and that do not involve pain. This is perfect and greatly enriches the couple: pampering, massage or genital stimulation without penetration. It is the same or more pleasant and probably less uncomfortable in the postpartum period.
  • The use of lubricants and vaginal moisturisers is very important, at this stage in which the lubrication decreases a lot and the points can be thrown away when drying. The daily application (not only linked to sexual relations) can significantly improve the well-being of women.

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