10 Best GILF Granny Pornstars 2019

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Granny pornstars – First, we must re-think when you heard the granny pornstar, well surely defintely is not your grandmother look alike though, however similar as really grandmother similarity, now all you can read after these are all adult older artists that had their own league and surely we have no idea how refuse the temptation about these ladies, we don’t know about guys, we surely can not.

Gia Giancarlo

Gia, is a female that we kind of guessing whether she is a latina or not, we thinks she is a latina from her face, and she became our first GILF latina-looks to be in our list, and also we know latina is one of the hottest girls, and well the fact is that the aged also quite good as well right? Gia, stunned us in her age she still can do some amazing scenes, and somehow the tanlines around her tits are one of our favorites.

Annellise Croft

She might hard to find her videos nowdays, because she has not appeared in any videos or any contents too many, you have to check the site with keyword 50+ MILFS. But there 3 word could sum her up very quickly, Curvy, Big Tits and Blonde, that are the summarize of her if you watch her.


She is a 55+ female with a dazzling figure, considering her age, its like a figure from a teenager or young woman body. Her tits, is the size of our grip, which are on the right size however with her age sure there are some sag around her breast, just like Ava Adams, but again for an old lady, those pointy out titties are damn hot! See also athletic pornstars list !


Well, when comes to Katia, all mixing up in her, why are we saying like that, a sixty years old of face and yet a middle age woman’s breasts, and curvy figure of a woman in her late 30s and added with the strenght of a young woman that around her golden age of a woman, well just in case you curios with our words, why not check her videos by your self then and prove every words that we’ve said before. What hell of granny , right?

Laura Layne

We could say that she is the best so far with amazing set of natural tits ever seen, and her curves let say it landed on the perfect areas. Of course it comes with age, there are also something we did not like here and there. And finally, her inked body draw with an animal that poisonous position near something heavenly entrance make her a lot hotter when she spread her legs.

Chery Leigh

Cherry might have the largest tits but she one hell of an angel, we could say that because for us she might be the best ever we could say ever from among all granny looks alike here, means good make up and about the right size cup size, and also she is by far the most natural and genuine, she never had a plastic surgery ever and she still look astonishing great, just wish she joing the porn industry 10-15 years before.

Cammille Austin

She is something has that we all men want to see in our wives when grew older and older, which are slim and smooth skin with a firm of breasts. And her hair blonde is still oke compare to other older pornstar because of her smooth skin that were more considerable good for her age.

Lexy Cougar

According to us the hair is mostly attract us when we found her the first time, reminds us of Demi Moore on “Ghost” in the 80’s, but again we have strangely feeling for women we considered a “Demi Moore” haired women. Compare to other girls in this list, she has amazing body, great haircut and still actively in porn industry until now.

Nina Hartley

We could say she is the the “mother’ from granny porn, agree guys? She is highly super productive during her entire year in porn industry, so its mean a lot of her material to jerk off if GILF is one of your favorite categorize. Well, its okay with granny porn you know, surely you can see that every granny looks alike in here are more sexy that the one you always see near you… (maybe)

Michaela O’Brilliant

Michaela, our favorite”granny” with brunette hair, she still has those curvy figure and amazing dazzled boobs that looks hot if she wears a corsette, in her age she still looks so amazing georgeus beuatiful, that is why she is one of our favorite. You may be intereste in Indian pornstars list !

Despite it was difficult for us to compile this list due to lack of experience on granny porn but we finally did it, how was it guys? Do you think of someone could earn a spot in this mcfol list. Let us know in the comments and we will take a look and add her if we feel like she deserves to be there.

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