The Hottest Emo-Style Pornstars

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We can say that it the situation that we all have been there, there was that weird kid in school who everyone deemed as an ‘emo’ due to her brightly colored hair, a bit introvert people and she listened to music that is slightly more intimidating compared to our top chart pop music. But in a way secretly, you wanted to have sex with her as she is what you classed as ‘sexy’.

Now jus take away those weird drawings in class, epic fringe and the fact she hates ‘normal’ people and you get a girl who is not only outrageously extremely sexy and hot but also loves sex. So here are a few list of hottest ‘emo’ pornstar that we have been collected.

Joanna Angel

Joanna, we gave her the title queen of emo, because she always gave us the outstanding emo porn site ever existed, which is although Joanna run her ownwebsite and directed all scenes that been uploaded to Burning Angel, somehow she still could find her own time to do her own scenes, that is why we gave her that title.

Veronica Rose

This babe we could say one of a kind, whith her enormous tits and thos body full countless inked and she always try to do anything to makes her unique, that always makes us enjoying watch her, especially when those tempting eyes staring back at you. A 23-years old Veronica surely has a long bright career in future.

Sydnee Vicious

The purple hair emo styled make us fall in love with her, when she use her glasses, and that sexy tempting face turn like a character in Japanese anime (Hentai) that make us turn on, specially with one the best bodies we have seen on an emo pornstar, who can say no to those big tits and perkiy pink niples, covered by several tattooes, oh my god. But it seems we only could find her on on Burning Angel, surely we hope we will see here more elsewhere with her raising popularity in porn industry.

Christy Mack

This pornstar most arguably whether she deserve a spot in emo pornstar list but again since she have a lot tattooes and constantly changing hair so we decide to put her in. No further explaining to do about Christy, just note these, great body, pretty face with half shave hair, incredible tits and superb ass, she could walk into our office at anytime and of course preferable naked.

Jessie Lee

Jessie as a true emo, she has all the things that makes her an emo pornstar, tattooes, piercings and a wacky hair, and she proven well by doing her scenes for Naughty America, you should check one of her scenes there. She was the person who created our obsession about inked girls and dyed hair so far.

Kleio Valentien

Kleio, for short meeting you will see her as an innocent woman, but with a few tattooes here and there, but again, when you saw here and she reveals her very inner desires, maybe she is the most dirty girl we ever encountered. We saw her with her short hair, perky pink niples and she wears her high heel try to seduce us, man .. how much we love her, damn so hot!

Indigo Augustine

This girl really know her advantage with her body, with the age of 22, she seems enjoy to be naked and showing off her body, who can blame her then, with that kind of body, we kind of enjoying also. Recently she change her hair color from brown, which her best, to kind of platinum blonde, which makes he a bit sporty. And you what her also makes her even better beside the hair and the body? The tattooes of guns above her breasts makes her the best we have seen.

Veruca James

Veruca, a girl with a big gun to shoot off. She may be only 22, but she might be the longest one in the porn industry than the others in this list. We like her because we could see that she like to dominated in the bedroom and really know to handle even the best men as her partner, so thats why we love her!

Holly Dee

Holly Dee, holly molly that is she really loves to fuck. And this Brits national treasure is just a holly molly damn so adorable. Those steel eyes when she staring back at you, the tattooes in her rigt arm, lovely pair of tits and shaved pussy, do not forget her British accent is almost make her perfect and hard for a man to handle. We love her and we hope she love us back.

There you go some of best hottest emo pornstar, and we may missed someone here and there, if according to you we might missed someone, like usuall drop a comment below and let us know, and we can figure something out there.

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