Top 10 Most Popular Classic Pornstars

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Classic Pornstars – Maybe for some you guys would say that back to the old days that porn is not as good as today, for us you got our disagreement for this statement, the only lack the old days porn videos are they are not in HD and the pornstar were around way before high definition were created.

Top 10 Most Popular Classic Pornstars

To be honest, these vintage pornstar are totally hot and awesome, even so now they have retired, and that was such as sadness because we could not see their dedication in the porn industry, so here are our list for our personal favorite classic / vintage pornstars.

Traci Lords

Traci Lords Most Popular Classic Pornstars

Traci, during her career in porn industry which around 6 years, she almost featured in around 170 videos, which almost half to Nina Hartley in her 30+ years in porn industry, this showed you how much Traci was popular to the studios and the porn viewers love to see her, well who did not love, and there was plenty to love when came to see her in the videos, amazing body with pretty much natural tits of her, right?

Marilyn Jess

Marilyn Jess Most Popular Classic Pornstars

Marilyn, she was truly a hot babe at that time, pretty face with short curly blonde hair, perfect cup of her natural breasts with perky niples, had delicious-looks of her pussy with thick hair. She soon became all big American porn studios, for a European girl that was a good development, because she was what all men wanted to see, and it such as a blessed that so many of her videos to watch, thanks to American studios of course. See also hottest European pornstars !

Vanessa Del Rio

Vanessa Del Rio Most Popular Classic Pornstars

Now we come to Latina babe, well known bt many as all time Latina Pornstar Queen, Vanessa was famous for her curve Latina body and rather a kinky face, with her a bit chubby, she became popular during the 70s and 80s, you should see some of her videos which of course not in HD to see why she deserve a spot in this list.

Kay Parker

Kay Parker Most Popular Classic Pornstars

Kay, maybe one of the hottest and popular British pornstar in her times, as you could see, she has amazing figure, big natural tits and sexy face, maybe at time hairy pussy was sexy also, maybe compare to this time pornstar, we could say similar to Ava Addams, but one thing for sure and we all agree that she has one hell of a body.

Annette Haven

Annette Haven Most Popular Classic Pornstars

An angel from heaven, Annette had those innocent look as a brunette pornstar that appeared around 1973, her aroused face, perfect fit size tits with pointy out nipple, slim and curvy body, peachy ass and that un shave pussy hair made her a sex bomb at that time. You know, a vintage pornstar list without he in it, it is a list not worth to read to. She was one of major studios favorite because in every video that featured her was a guarantee had a great sell, mcfol understand why ;).

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley Most Popular Classic Pornstars

You might be still could see her videos online in several tubes today and under the category of MILF, because she has not been retired quite long, sometimes in 2013, if we are not mistaken, she has been in the porn industry since 1981 and some of us after doing some researching, might prefer her when she was a bit younger, well, in her prime condition as classic pornstar, no one will argue about her amazing figure, even so personally in the end of her career in 2009 until 2013 she still looked amazing.

Lisa DeLeeuw

Lisa DeLeeuw Most Popular Classic Pornstars

Lisa, in this list she was the one and only redhead pornstar to be listed, she had quite a long career, 10 years in the porn industry and she had a major success although maybe she a little bit fussy by the movies that she agreed to be featured.

So that made her only appeared in around 65 movies, and you know what, each and every those videos was incredible, want to hunt some of her videos vintage pornstar ? Good luck guys …

Dominique Simone

Dominique Simone Most Popular Classic Pornstars

No one will argue and debate when Domonique’s name appeared as the hottest ebony pornstar at her time, she has everything that we all love from a ebony pornstar, wonderful body, big massive tits and surely big ass. She is still with any doubt remarkably hot, you should see her in her twitter account if you want to see up to date contents of her, and she comeback to porn industry, we think that she would easily make it onto our hottest black pornstars list.

Christy Canyon

Christy Canyon Most Popular Classic Pornstars

Christy, we could say that she was one of the most popular classic pornstar of the 80s, and she almost appeared in over 220 movies during her long career sometimes from 1984 to 2011. During 80s, she was astonishing, her face was aroused us, and her big tits, we pretty sure her tits are natural, and that cute face, who doesn’t love her. Although she did retire, but during those stint retired time, she were believed re enter the scenes several times.

Brigitte Lahaie

Brigitte Lahaie Most Popular Classic Pornstars

During the 80s maybe this French beauty was one of the hottest blonde pornstars, she was also the most active with over 150 scenes that featured her during the old days. Even after she retired from the porn industry, now she host her own talkshow in local radio, and we could see her in several French movies, we could say there is life after porn for her. With those amazing looks and body, we pretty sure she is a star for endless time.

There you have it, our favorite classic pornstars, we might have missed anyone out that maybe deserves to be on this list. If we do, so let us know in the comments and we will look at adding them.

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