Top 30 Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

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Hottest Asian Pornstars ?? Hell, we all love Asian pornstar, right? Only there is one problem with Asian pornstar especially the one that Japanese production, those dreaded pixelated their dicks or pussy. Nevertheless, there are Asian-American pornstar available pretty much a lot. So let’s check it out one by one then.

Top 30 Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Asian pornstar? Why not? Every people had their own taste to like or dislike about their favorite Asian, Indian, western pornstar or etc. After I’ve listed hottest pornstars in MCFOL this time I will share the list of top famous and hot Asian pornstar in history, from the early years until recent days.

There might have some pornstar you have watched, but it also might have several other pornstars you might not have watched before, it just might be, because some of these movies were very old, but for you who had watched surely will memorise about the past when you watched porn videos in your hideout and had a big curiosity about sex, right?

Asian pornstar famous because of their beauty and sex appeal, the eye look that seducing, will made all porn lovers that watch the video will continue and had the feeling that they must not miss a single scene in that movie. Asian porn videos identical with moaning, sexy and smooth skin babes, masturbation and kidnapping. We could say that Asian porn videos were ther reflection of the real life of the porn lovers viewers.

The Top 30 Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Discussing about sex really will never end. All of these Asian pornstar collections started their career way back, even some of the already started from 1970. She still had her own fans until today. Maybe that porn videos kept it neatly in the maniac hard drive, or even put her picture as a computer screen wallpaper.

In America, porn videos had printed their history with the appearance of some of passion women from the east. Their challenging styles to fuck in bed and wild invitation that could destroy you to pieces. Even sometimes their filled with their own personal sex experiences so that individual had their own trademark that unique. This time, we will see the adult videos or porn that starred by Asian pornstar. Since about 30 years ago or more until present days. Check this out!

Saori Hara

Saori Hara Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Whilst a lot of the viewers of Japanese porn videos were majority were censored, but different with Saori Hara. This young artist had an amazing beauty for a half-bred Germany-Japanese babe and she also a famous pornstar in her own country, Japan, besides her capability to act, apparently singing also her everyday consumption, her decision to join porn industry tried her luck was correct, and the results were surprised the whole world. She’s Perfect!

Miko Lee

Miko Lee Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

London Keyes

London Keyes Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Her name boosts up sky high when she first appeared in front of camera in the year 2008 and she did not need time to long to achieve as one of a favorable pornstar. Half Japanese and half Seattle, Washinton, USA, able to put her name up to became as one of the most successful pornstar. She often appeared in the category in bisexual scenes and had won several awards, this sexy hot babe became most wanted for movie producers.

Annie Cruz

Annie Cruz Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This Asian pornstar in the past also often time was underrated by most studios, but this Philippine babe did not give up, she rises up like a sex machine that never run out of battery, always on, her figure were so flexible and she could change her sex style when needed and it could not be underestimated. When duty called, she would do it with totally focus like an army soldier, she often appeared in category female in bondage flicks and female wrestling videos.

Charmane Star

Charmane Star Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Less than 1 decade, this Philippine star had a trademark on her right arm and established her fans in every corner in the world, a lot of men anxiously to watch every movie that contained Charmane appeared naked in every episodes. After years, Charmane getting naughtier and aggressive, she was a shy girl at the beginning and an art lover typical kind of girl. She was a stripper for quite some times in a night club. Charmane is one remarkable woman and her shown a different kind of dedication, yes it was Charmane Star.

Sabrine Maui

Sabrine Maui Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Her appearance in porn industry, this Lilʽ Sabrine looks like with Thrilla in Manila. Sabrine able to created a storm in bed. Sabrine Maui was pursued money at first and after she achieved that. Maui pursued her nursing career. Maybe that was one of her motivation to earned money to continued her education.

Nautica Thorn

Nautica Thorn Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

The islands in Hawaii is always fun, besides the people there are calm and polite, they also had a beautiful pornstar as beautiful as Nautica Thorn. Her shooting schedule is always full and her name keep raising up into the list amongst Asian pornstar, this lovely half-bred Puerto Rico-Hawaiian-Japanese babe had a strong sex appeal, beautiful and graceful lady had starred and produced in over 350 movies in her record in 7 years, she also joined with
Playboy TV and Spice TV also as a stripper in a movie title Knocked Up.

Avena Lee

Avena Lee Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Her porn career had gave the special satisfaction on its own for all men while they porn movie and Avena Lee appeared in the movie, she preferred oral sex with a younger pornstar actor and you guess correct, she always appeared in MILF category. Half Thailand and Chinese, she had an amazing tongue that can make your dick burst out in second, beside her acting skill in front of camera also excellent, very confusing to her fans with her ability and she got the name as Bomb-Ass head.

Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

We pretty sure you might have seen her on tube sites, why? Because you can miss her with those huge amazing big natural tits pornstars that she has. Despite the unfortunate thing that almost ever scenes of her have censored in almost every part that private part except breasts, maybe that the law if soem part of the country that she came from, somehow it does not stop us to see how beautiful she is and jerking off.

Miko Sinz

Miko Sinz Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This sweet Korean babe had a gift to conquer mother nature and her wild erotism while do her pose. Miko Sinz once worked as a bank teller and she decided to joined porn industry instead still be a bank teller. Although her figure might be small but she able to performed lively in front of camera, her ass might could said small but not her face, her charm was astonishing made her one hell babe that seducing all men and made them want to taste this lovely babe.

Mika Tan

Mika Tan Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This lovely lady is half-bred Samoan-Taiwanese-Japanese looks so graceful and a personality that able to put herself in amongst the top level pornstar actress. She had amazing ability that more subversive and enjoy being a slave in bed. When she was little she had a show art background and biology degree and once worked in a commercial fishing company for around one and half year. In porn industry, Mika Tan stood as one of the finest pornstar in her time.

Shay Jordan

Shay Jordan Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Bad girl in front of camera but outside from those hours she was a great cooker, she also a graduated from a cooking school. Shay Jordan had a motherly character and often became a MILF then a teenager character, her lips are challenging and sensual, her moaning is awesome that could made your heart beat faster. Previously she got the name Gennie Jasmine but she, later on, became Shay Jordan. Whatever the name was, she was a delicious cuisine that served for all porn lovers out there.

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Another seducing woman that half-bred Irish-Thailand, which is she is hot, sexy and angel lookalike but came from hell. The perfectness of the shape of her ass and figure, added with her lovely voice will made any men’s blood boils, whose else than Dana Vespoli. After earned a Comparative Literature degree, she turned out played with mens’ cum in the year 2003 when she was 30 years old, although at that time she did not look like a 30 years old woman but a growing teenager. Her beauty and intellectual capability was amazing, added up with her ability to do a un normally sex scenes that she perfectly played in front of camera.

Mimi Miyagi

Mimi Miyagi Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Every one surely will think her name came from Mr. Miyagi, a movie character from the famous movie Karate Kid, the name also made her name popular instantly. This Philippine newcomer so amazing when you see her in every videos.You can see her also in behind the scenes from every videos she appeared. Every scene in front of camera she directed her self, and that wild fantasy of her that made her famous. Her trademark was her oriental doll skin color. She also had another capability, as a website programmer and she also runs as governor candidate for state Nevada in 2006.

Lilly Thai

Lilly Thai Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Sometimes, she was sadly retired from the adult industry. But in those short years of performing adult scenes, she has released quite a lot of videos for us to watch. She is so the typical our continent figure which is sexy and slim and surely understand to make love.

Michelle Maylene

Michelle Maylene Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Michelle Maylene is half-bred French-Hawaiian-Philipine, made she look so flirty and adorable, firm ass, light brown skin and clean smooth skin looks so exotic. According to the information I had, she started her debut career in the age of 18 when she was in Senior High School, and she appeared in hardcore scenes and also that her mother was an exotic dancer, and her role in Cinemax Co-Ed Confidential was so amazing seducing for me.

Brenna Sparks

Brenna Sparks Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

For us, Brenna comes second after Akira, as one of sexiest adult movie artist in the adult industry. Brenna joined the adult industry sometimes in couple years ago, and after that a lot of amazing videos of her released. Brenna was like a master piece, she had amazing breasts, cute looks, and a body that full of drawing ink, surely a complete answers for men.

Mai Lin

Mai Lin Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This sexy Chinese woman had chocolate brown skin like a cake, came from Oakland California, USA, had a hobby to use different kind color as her nailpolish and often time played as a massage girl or a dragon lady. Her personality that she likes to spent her money with any consideration became her downfall until she tried to get it all back what she had in early millennium when the time for online industry were new in the world. Until today, a lot of her picture that quite rare and unique that still could be found in the internet from her past glory time. Just googled her name you will found it.

Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Kaylani Lei is so adorable with height 4’11” and 45 kg weight. One of the most beautiful lady that came from Singapore, she had been worked as a radio announcer. She does not felt ashame with her chubby figure, she also an animal lover and she will be men’s pet for sure, right guys?

Lana Croft

Lana Croft Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This half-bred Chinese-Philippine had a cocky attitude and sometime she acted under pressure, but that was one of her trademark that made her successful in porn industry, unexpectedly. She took the name like a Tomb Raider character, Lara Croft as her name, but today she had retired from porn industry and leave memories with her movies.

Kira Kener

Kira Kener Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Kira’s exoticism values sometimes written in the beauty of Asian babes. One of the was Kira Kener whom came from a half-bred Norwegian-Vietnamese. Kira’s lovely face and her capability to defeat her opponents able to attracted Vivid video to recruited her as their team. Kira’s striking cheek bone, Kira’s light brown skin made Kira Kener shine brightly in porn industry.

Roxy Jezel

Roxy Jezel Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

If the chances you met with an attractive woman with a strong sex appeal then you might have like Roxy Jezel. One of the wildest babe that cover with smooth skin you ever see ever. Born in Thailand and raised in London, England, had an accent that could make you horny. She also joined with some of US top major porn studios and not only with her XXX-Brit, and made quite a big downpayment even for her first year, she got the recognition for expertise in front of camera. She also one of the smartest pornstar, she got her degree in Philosophy and worked as Dominatrix, if you discuss about Aristoteles and Plato then her ass that will come forward, she is a kind of a perfect girl to fantasies for.

Fujiko Kano

Fujiko Kano Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Fujiko Kano originated from Japan, was one of the asian pornstars who had experienced worked with one of the local porn studio company. However, because of her act skills that made a lot of viewers known and familiar with her character, and her performanced made the viewers bend their knees before her as look up just to kept see her passionate eyes and her erotic moves. Then she changed her career to became a wrestlers in The Entertaining Women’s Extreme Wrestling Organization. According from the WEW website, she had one special unique move that called “Bonzai Tongue Drop” !

She had dated with a big rockstar, Glenn Danzig and had played the character “Wicked Pussycat” in a videoclip (NSFW) where she demonstrated how to crawl on the floor perfectly, how seducing was that move, right?

Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

She is on very high list of the sexiest adult movie artist that in our continent, we might say that for a special and specific reason why. That drop dead gorgeous face, perky tits and firm ass, that and her beauty nails all of it. There is some fun fact that she is not actually Asian, she was from Mexico so she is a half-bred Mexican-Asian, but those Asian look that make her onto our list.

Alina Li

Alina Li Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

She is so amazing, especially her latest video just make it the best video mcfol ever seen featuring asian girl. Although she is small chested or small tits, but she mesmerised us with thhe cute face, nice figure and that lovely pussy of her, plus we kind dig her tattooes as well.

Mia Lelani

Mia Lelani Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Normally Asian pornstar are quite slim babe, but Mia is a busty MILF hottest Asian pornstars best ever, one of we could say that. Because of that cury body, big tits although fake tits but still looks amazing and quite match with her body, and that makes Mia Lelani porn viewers’ favorite recent days.

Kianna Dior

Kianna Dior Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Who would not like an Asian woman that called as MILF? Well, the answer might be simple, because they all like the shape of the ass from a chubby middle age pornstar actress named Kianna Dior, she originated from Vancouver, Canada and she decided to quit her job and took a career path in porn industry in 1999 at the age of 30 years old. Then she signed and joined Legend Video and not to looked back again. Her style was very unique, she changed her hairstyle and her lifestyle, Kianna is half-bred Scottish-Irish-Chinese dan she also decided to do her boobs an implant, well automatically she gained a lot of whole fans also, and important thing that she was consitently performed under category MILF. Well done!

Jandi Lin

Jandi Lin Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

One of the most talented newcomer had break the record and she did that with Craiglist commercial, she was Jandi Lin, a Chinese that had a trademark of her sexy sound of her voice when make love and the size of her bra is 32A so made her more interesting. Jandi was raised in Honolulu and an art school background that also tattooed on her back as a bodywork, also she had piercings that made guys looked at her.

Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

She maybe not as popular as the Asian pornstar but she one damn hot chick to watch in the adult industry. She has an amazing body, those pink niples in her rounded perfectly tits, originally continent looks and best firm ass, like your favorite oriental hot babe you wanted to see in your bed.

Ava Devine

Ava Devine Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Highly impossible to found a pornstar actress that capable to go in several categories all at the same time like Ava Devine, she is half-bred Spanish-Italian-Chinese had incised several achievements in categories fearless sexual transgressions, extreme gangbangs, double anal penetration and smashed transexuals category. Less then a decade, Ava had surpassed the limit fro amateur to became professional and took scenes 3 times longer to exploited her madness. Amazing!

Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

For you who love Asian babe and foreign models that full with scandals everywhere she went and beautiful babe, surely you will fall with Tia Tanaka. Your libido will burst out when face to face with her directly. Tia had starred several hardcore movies that changer the course of her life. Her sweet innocent face it’s the opposite from her appetite of sex, she’s a hypersex person. She is a half-bred French-Vietnamese already retired from porn industry and left her fans cried for her, will she make a come back into porn industry, who knows maybe she will.

Jayna Oso

Jayna Oso Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Some occasion she appeared in Latin category, half-bred Irish and Bruneian, kept her acting career in porn industry, her ability to took over every sex games she played made her awarded A Dirty Talker in the Mix, which was oral sex, every game she opened with slow and ended wildly.

Kristara Barrington

Kristara Barrington Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This 1980s pornstar surely you will recognize her, right? Kristara Barrington maybe one of the first Asian Pornstar that known in porn industry, but her appearance still underrated and still low popular. But after she took a chance in an appearance New Show with Ron Jeremy, boosted her name sky high. But later she decided to retired and choose a profession as a veterinarian.

Jade Marcela

Jade Marcela Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

She looked soft, polite and kind, added with her natural skin color that somehow made Jade Marcela, known from Indonesia, had beautiful memories in our mind. Known as the queen of anal, this 40kg weight babe had everything all out when in front of camera, she always had her ponytails also when acting, with her sister Nyomi Marcela they both together in porn industry since 2006 and still busy acting in bed until today.

Lilly Thai

Lily Thai Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Her name is one of the name that have been waited by fans when she first appeared on a silver screen, beside that she had a seducing smile that so amazing. She had played in a hardcore sex scene with Lucy Lee. Lee entered into porn industry with some challenging pose in every scenes. This half Italian Philippine babe had piercings and she took a break just to added some inked on her sexy body, but she took care of her body very diligently, and surely she will returned to satisfy her fans.

Lucy Lee

Lucy Lee Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Lucy Lee is one of the challenging woman with her small posture but had an amazing pair of big boobs, her cute perky little nipples its so adorable made you want to suck it hard. Although she had a Chinese tattoo at her back, she is a Korean girl and in every of her scenes, she always gave that steamy scenes. Nice job!

Jessica Bangkok

Jessica Bangkok Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Anyone surely will be tempted with this big boobs Asian pornstar, Jessica Bangkok, from the name its not just a random name, but this wild wild cat really knows how to process an excited libido of men. Jessica often appeared in the category of middle age woman or known as MILF or Cougar. Jessica had a strong sex appeal and if you accidentally with her, you might want to calculate how strong it was, dare to be with her?

Gianna Lynn

Gianna Lynn Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Combination from a hot secretary and a classic pornstar that you will get from this hot babe you would see in a mall, Gianna Lynn always took a role like a mother figure in every role at the porn movie. Best moments of her you could watch her at, her role as a middle age woman MILF so amazing and deserved a thumb up for her role there

Lucy Thai

Lucy Thai Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Every woman surely had a radiation wave of sex appeal, just like this Lucy Thai, born in Long Beach, California and had been nominated in 2005 AVN Nomination as The Best New Starlet, that nomination made her popular in porn industry. Lucy will do anything as long as in front of camera ad she also very active woman, calmly but deadly.

Evelyn Lin

Evelyn Lin Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This pornstar was still counted as topm100 the best pornstar in the world on cyber space. Today’s porn also functioned to changed sex fantasies became reality. These things that made her name became popular to starred teenager and milf movies. This Chinese born will attacked you without mercy with her deathly moves until you defeated. Evelyn was known as the naughtiest, the bichest and the wildest that ever existed, most of her videos will make you amazed and want to see it again and again.

Haylee Le aka Baylee Le

Haylee Le Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Now let’s continue to this twin pornstar actress whom always do a hardcore sex scenes in every way that they can. This twin partners name Haylee and Baylee Le from Saigon, Vietnam, the differences between the twin is that Hay had a natural boobs and Bay had a silicon implant boobs. From the information on the internet, they are half-bred Asian-Dominican. Whether is was true or not, but surely they had lived up the Asian porn industry.

Nyomi Marcela

Nyomi Marcela Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Sister from Jade Marcela was inspired from her sister’s idea to joined into porn industry, more than 200 scenes she had appeared and thanks to her beloved sister that she could be in this porn industry. Her physic and skin are just most of Indonesian people which is light brown, her character was calm and never do anal sex scenes, and she never try to do it to made her fans happy.

Kitty Yung

Kitty Yung Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Do not confused with her smalle chest, Kitty Yun, half-bred American-Korean had the energy that never went off in front of her fans’ eyes. Well, her small chested now is old news, she did an operation to make her boobs bigger. In middle 1990 she had taste her glorious time then she retired, and returned again in the year 2002 to give one last appearance to her fans.

Leanni Lei

Leanni Lei Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

This time as Asian pornstar were different with the others, she did a sex scene for her university tuition, at that time Leanni was guided by a veteran Mimi Miyagi, Leanni had the capability to do an act in front of camera, which was Max Hardcore. Beside that she also once took an audition for One More Chance video for Notorious BIG, her body was so hot solid and sexy with the actor like Tyson Beckford and Lukas Campbell.

Asa Akira

Asa Akira Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Asa Akira’s appeal could destroyed your heart to tiny pieces by looking to her figure because every time you see her figure you always turn on just by see her body. Currently, shes included the top famous Asian pornstar and she always became a trending topic. Her personality was educated in Japan, then she moved to Brooklyn, USA as a brave girl. Every time her scenes pop up as a tweet in Twitter and blogger will discussed her and made her fanatic fans increased rapidly.


Minka Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Kascha Papillon

Kascha Papillon Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Originated from Hawaii, Kascha entered porn industry in the late 1980s and appeared in several adult magazines before moved to porn industry. While did a casting, Kascha did not talk much and made the recruit team was so easy to recruited her at that time. One shocking thing, that she did an implant to her breast to made it look bigger and changed her hair colored became blonde. She’s half-bred Swedish and Chinese. If you see her you will be amazed with her seducing face. Now she already married with another pornstar actor named Francois Papillon from France, and often time appeared in low budget classic movie like Nuke `Em high and Caged Fury.

Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Once more a Japanese sex bomb from Japanese AV named, Maria Ozawa or known as Miyabi. She is half-bred French-Canadian-Japanese. Maria’s totality as an Asian woman could been seen from her character. This pornstar dazzled every men’s eyes in every place in the world. She is beautiful, sweet, big boobs, smooth white skin and had a very strong sex appeal. Because all of those things that made men adored her so much as the most brightest pornstar ever. Do you know her?

Jade Hsu

Jade Hsu Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Jade Hsu is a bad girl characteristic but also beautiful at the same time. In her short time in porn industry, her career went up because her solo sex scenes, although eventually she paired up with some porn actors and made seducing porn movies at the end. Her exotic appeal did really seducing but her career got slower and decreasing and finally this half-bre Caucasian-Korean begin to catched up her career again, so let wait for return in porn industry okay.

Annabel Chong

Annabel Chong Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Annabel Chong originally was a lawyer but she chooses to became a pornstar instead still being a lawyer. Maybe this was a part from Grace Quek that known as Annabel Chong’s story, her popularity she gained from 1995 and she had starred a great movie like Gang Bang, even a sensation that she did in 251 scenes and there 70 men that fucked her in 10 hours, wow! Beside that she also did another perverted acted with made a documentary about her life. She saw that the career in porn industry as a gender challenge for the art show but the doctor said that was an emotional part of Annabel that hurt because of her life experiences. At the end, she retired from porn industry and live her normal life and developed a web as her work.


Bamboo Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Her English was truly limited but her sexual appeal that shown by Bamboo were trully remarkable amazing. Originated from Vietnam, Bamboo had the popularity and had appeared in several movies that need her totality in it. Bamboo was raised in France had her chance to performed in every voices that made her famous, and this middle age babe capability is with out any doubt was amazing.

Mia Smiles

Mia Smiles Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Mia Smile had spent the entire decade in porn industry and had starred in a lot of porn videos as a young star that full of energy and look younger that the actual age, impressive isn’t it? Her career in porn industry we could say that raised slowly but she shyness disappeared and her name began to went up as she performed in every porn videos with Asian theme.

Linda Wong

Linda Wong Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Have you seen this beautiful babe before? Someone that had been a pioneer as Asian pornstar in American porn industry and she became the superstar in worldwide porn industry, well in the time of 1970, she came as a newcomer and she came with a sexy tan-lines and rany romps, rumour has it she also often spent her times with another pornstar actor, name John Holmes, unfortunately she had a legal problems and died because of overdose of drug after she retired from porn industry.

Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Here she is the most beautiful Asian pornstar, whose had blood English, American, and Thailand that so iconic in porn industry, especially in Asia. Her similarity like Carmen Electra, a former Ford model, and former nurse in microbiology, but she choose to be in porn industry, that made a lot of people amazed with this middle age woman MILF, sexy, and big boobs babe. During her career, she became a brand name and achieved a financial success behind the screen. She also had her own company to produce her own movies and had a scout talent like Jenna Jameson worked for her. Tera Patrick truly one of the best pornstar legend! See also beautiful porn stars list!

Kobe Tai

Kobe Tai Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Kobe Tai was born in Taiwan, half Chinese and half Japanese. Her life was quite tragic. She was adopted during baby and raised up in Arkansas. Before moved west to became a porn star actress. Kobe Tai’s popularity appeared after she performed in 4 porn movies released by Vivid and signed an exclusive contract in 1996, that made he became more popular. Kobe also tried several anal sex scenes that she thought challenging for her and she also tried in a normal movies but unfortunately, her act skill did not supported by a good quality storyline, besides that she also once became a backing vocal for Marilyn Manson. The end she eventually retired and continued her business with her family.


Katsuni Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

Katsumi changed her name became Katsuni after she been sued for her used of Katsumi’s name. but all that became cleared after she won 29 international awards. Her ability to explore her sex gifts, such as oral and anal made her popular, this half-bred French-Vietnamese were the hottest in the category of POV just like she live talked in front of camera and had an inspiration to fucked.

Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera Hottest Asian Pornstars In History

She was the icon from porn industry in the 90’s that was boomed at that time. She is half-bred American-Germany-Japanese took the name Asia Carrera inspired from the actress Tia Carrera. Asia had appeared over than 250 porn videos and had became a member of AVN Hall of Fame and MENSA which was a good thing for her career. Her moaning was so seducing, the value of sensuality, and a realistic scenes will made you had a hard on for sure.

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